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General Forum Rules - 2012-10-21

Posted: 20 Apr 2011 19:41
by roo7
General Information

Register with us and as an active posting member, you will get to enjoy active member privileges:
- Access to the Market Place
- Posting your personal pre-owned items for sale in the Market Place
- Group buys and other watch related deals

All active posting members will be automatically classified as the active members group after 10 approved posts. Posts with 1 or 2 words with no value will be discarded.

We really value contributors, so we expect the first 10 posts to be genuine and constructive to the thread and not for the sake of clocking post count.

All new members below a post count of 10 will have the rank "Freshies" under their forum nicks with the below restrictions:
- first 10 posts will be subjected to moderator's approval (helps with spam control and other unnecessary topics)
- will not have access to private messaging
- other active member privileges stated above.

General Rules

As with all forums, here are the house rules:
- The most basic rule, do treat all member with respect, treat others the way you want others to treat you. (" onclick=";return false;)
- Primary language of communication is English, other languages are fine if translation are provided.
- Posts should not contain religious texts, political statements, sexist remarks or any other offensive text.
- Stay in topic, any off-topic goes to Chit Chat:" onclick=";return false;
- Be mindful over posting each others contact details publicly as it's personal.
- Any form of sales activity are not allowed outside Market Place, direct or indirect.
- Any feedback of sales goes to Market Place Reputation Feedback:" onclick=";return false;

Violators will be dealt with warnings with the offending posts removed.

SPAM Warning

Only personal sales posts are allowed in the Market Place, all other SPAM, buy/sell, advertising posts will be deleted with your account deleted and banned immediately, no questions asked.

No commercial links are allowed in your posts, user profile and signature. (Unless you are an approved commercial seller.)

Sharing of links to auctions or other watch sales forums are only allowed in the "SIC", Sharing Is Caring threads.

Non-commercial Market Place General Guidelines

** New rule as of 2013-04-21**
All registered members are allowed to view the market place only, only a closed group (by request only) will be able to post in the market place.

The group will be restricted to members that are typically:
- with us for at least half a year and actively contribute to the forum like posting on a regular basis
- have good forum conduct
- at least 100 post counts (genuine posts, not posts clocking count or bumps in the old market place)
The above conditions must be met and ranked in priority.

We will reject requests from:
- newly joined members
- low activity members
- members with warnings issued
- sellers who just post in market place

Please PM the Forum Admin "scadmin" to request for access, but before you request, please ask yourself if you meet the above criteria.

- All non-commercial active members are allowed to post their personal pre-owned items for sale.
- More details:
-> Buy/Sell:" onclick=";return false;
-> Misc Sales :" onclick=";return false;

Commercial Market Place General Guidelines
- All commercial entities are allowed to post their items for sale after approval, please post a request in the Forum Feedback section:" onclick=";return false;
-> Commercial Mall:" onclick=";return false;

Final Note
There are no other posting restrictions as long all the above rules and guidelines are met.

Basically, chill out, stay warm and happy and we will have a very friendly community. :D

Re: General Forum Rules - 2012-10-21

Posted: 09 Apr 2014 22:07
by roo7
Gentle reminder on the forum rules.

Re: General Forum Rules - 2012-10-21

Posted: 21 Nov 2014 08:39
by roo7
Gentle reminder on the forum rules.