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Updated rules for Market Place

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 01:02
by roo7
** New rule as of 2013-04-21**
All registered members are allowed to view the market place only, only a closed group (by request only) will be able to post in the market place.

The group will be restricted to members that are typically:
- with us for at least half a year and actively contribute to the forum like posting on a regular basis
- have good forum conduct
- at least 100 post counts (genuine posts, not posts clocking count or bumps in the old market place)
The above conditions must be met and ranked in priority.

We will reject requests from:
- newly joined members
- low activity members
- members with warnings issued
- sellers who just post in market place

Please PM the Forum Admin "scadmin" to request for access, but before you request, please ask yourself if you meet the above criteria.