Anyone into Titoni?

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Re: Anyone into Titoni?

Post by Vinc04 » 31 Jul 2012 08:11

wmatt76 wrote:mine say "hi"

Bro, if u want to give it a wash or polish your own, let me
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7mths after initial announcement... the SEASCOPERs finally h

Post by Ed.YEO » 24 Dec 2014 10:23

Revival of a diver heritage – TITONI SEASCOPER
Titoni proudly introduces the revived model Seascoper, which is based on the company’s historic diving model from 1970’s. Handcrafted to technical perfection, this masculine timepiece is a reliable companion for sea adventures and a fine watch with elegant design for every day.

Water resistance to 200m (20 ATM) and a bracelet with diver extension make the Seascoper the perfect watch for underwater expeditions. Enthralling red details in the unidirectional rotating bezel, the screw-down stainless steel crown and the second hand, discreetly give the watch its unique character. The exclusive stainless steel watchcase holds the elegant black dial, decorated with luminous hour-and minute hands, as well as twelve exceptionally framed indexes. The date indicator at 3 o’clock completes the exquisite interior, which is covered by scratch resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass. The watch is presented on an elegant black rubber strap with a single fold over buckle with pushers.

Revived by the dreams of passionate explorers at heart, the Seascoper is a fine and precise companion for everyday adventures. The harmonious symbiosis of elegant design and sportive functionality reflect Titoni’s dedication and craftsmanship towards watchmaking, as it has been practiced by the family business for generations.
Had a close encounter on the revival version last nite @ one of the retailer.

Initial impression was quite negative. The styling gives me some kind of feel somewhere between RADO's D-STAR,
...and TUDOR's BLACK BAY...

TUDOR's BB certainly will give a much prestige, and luxury feel. Personally, i find that such feel is boosted with the "golden" texts on the dial as well as the frames of the hands. Certainly the premium pricing and the ROLEX backing adds more punch.
RADO's D-STAR on the other hand, even with ceramic bezel, the overall looks gives a little budget(i wouldn't want to use cheap to dissapoint fellow RADO fans) feel to the overall look. The not-so-easy to reach lug part also make unfriendly to owners to go for strap changes depending on their activities.
TITONI's latest revival of the SEASCOPER with sleekier case design, and cleaner dial layout due to the use of 3 hander movement, may appeal to some with simplistic looks. The lug part is also access friendly to those who wishes to change straps for different occasions and activities. Comparing to the other 2, the bezel of the TITONI is much friendly in grip and turns.

The TITONI SEASCOPERS is listed @ roughly 20 orange bills/40 blue bills. Discounts are available, but not very high. Most likely will be 15% plus a few more after inital discount. Worthy or not depends on individuals... One factor which will make buyers put their fingers away from the trigger will be the movement under the dial. Compare to RADO and TUDOR, TITONI's SEASCOPER uses SW200 by SELLITAS, while the other 2 uses ETA based movements. So it's kind of up to individuals to decide themselves... whether to go for RADO's rebadged ETA2824 or TITONI's decorated SW200 or TUDOR's polished ETA2824...

The variants of the SEASCOPER i encountered last nite only on 2. Both are black dialed, with RED bezels. One's with rubber strap while another with bracelet. The bracelet version will certainly be priced an orange bill/2 blue bills more than the rubber variant.

ABlogtoWatch reported that there are other variants of the revival release... no idea when will those come... However, here are the sneaks on the other variants...
yan sang yew guo dak fai lok, zao yew dui yan hor see zou luo jik xing geh fan sik yu goon cha, ng hai zou yoo chun mong mok dek pan duun... yoo guo yi liong din doh mou geh wa, yat gor yan geh yat sang zao guo dak gey pok gai loh...
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Re: Anyone into Titoni?

Post by lunarin79 » 24 Dec 2014 11:04 ... coper.html" onclick=";return false;

meh :?: ;)
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Re: Anyone into Titoni?

Post by telepgm » 25 Dec 2014 23:00

The old style Seascopers are wayyyyyyy cooler.

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