Review on Gavox Legacy Navy “Logical Stars” (Ref 358.5)

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Review on Gavox Legacy Navy “Logical Stars” (Ref 358.5)

Post by cirdec » 01 Apr 2017 08:54


I’ve always been a 3 hander watch person. Due to the cost of servicing watches with complication, i rarely venture out of the day / date function. Until recently i acquired a solar chrono panda. I discovered the beauty of watches with complications like sub dials and all.

Shortly after, i chance upon Gavox. A Belgian brand created by Michael Happe. Founded in 2011, they began making watches for the Air Force in 2014. You can find our more about the brand" onclick=";return false;

After reading reviews and spending hours scruntising their collection. The logical stars called out to me. The execution of the dial was done harmoniously, so much so that it did not felt congested every when both the hour and minute hands in the lower half of the dial. A lot of thought must have gone into the design and treatment to make every thing stand out but not looking cluttered.

For example, the blue hands looks black at certain angle. The proportion of the sub dials and slight distortion to the sec dial is in symmetry to the whole look. Even the date window with a border looks in place at 6’o clock. The selection of font for the roman indexes appropriately defines the naval feel of the watch. I want to especially highlight the design of the 24hr / day and night sub dial. This is by far the best part of the dial for me. There is a saying “Less is more” In this instances, I think the design managed to put in more but makes it look less clutter. The watch cannot be view on its part alone, for the sum of it makes the whole watch stands out. It is always joy to look at the time and photograph this unique timepiece.


Having said so much about the dial, the polished see thru case back is equally well designed. Custom rotor on a Miyota 8219, even the font is carefully engraved to replicate the naval feel.


The position of its crown at a rather awkward 2 o’clock position may seems out of place at first. After handing the watch for a while, I realised that it is actually a joy to use it ergonomically. Much better that a crown at 4 o’clock.

The overall weight distribution on leather strap is perfect. Some might find the slightly longer lugs a problem but it sits nicely on my 6.75” flat wrist with no overhang. Fits comfortably under the cuff of my shirt but also pairs well with my dress down days. The watch works well with most straps. It is a watch for all occasion, it has been a few conversation starter even if non watch lovers.


The package came thru within 10 days of clearing payment, packed in a good quality travel roll, well protected inside a paper box. The package includes an alligator strap, a calf leather strap, papers and a sticker. I would personally like to have a travel case instead of watch roll. As travel case offers more protection and separated storage spaces for tools, straps and sometime another watch.
I got mine via:" onclick=";return false;


I’m confident with Gavox’s design and quality that I’m already considering the Blue Avidiver as my next Gavox.

Size: 41.4mm
Movement: Miyota 8218 with custom rotor and date wheel
Water resistant: 5 bars
Come with sapphire crystal and AR coating.

*Pardon the sub par photos, as i’m do not have the right equipments.
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Re: Review on Gavox Legacy Navy “Logical Stars” (Ref 358.5)

Post by lunarin79 » 01 Apr 2017 10:16

nice review and a nice piece as well :)
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Re: Review on Gavox Legacy Navy “Logical Stars” (Ref 358.5)

Post by oncleoliver » 01 Apr 2017 18:08

Very nice

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Re: Review on Gavox Legacy Navy “Logical Stars” (Ref 358.5)

Post by Trident » 06 Apr 2017 09:58

very classy watch, luv the sub dial
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Review on Gavox Legacy Navy “Logical Stars” (Ref 358.5)

Post by telepgm » 07 Apr 2017 10:16

Good choice Cirdec. You're a really master hunter for microbrands.
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